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Surviving the Squeeze: Emergency Medicine Billing Under Federal Scrutiny

(4 min read) Did you know that nearly half of all emergency care is uncompensated? Are you aware that one in five patients treated in the ...

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Kelli Turner | Jul 30, 2019

Identifying Insurance Coverage and Propensity to Pay is a Win-Win for Emergency Service Providers and Patients

Chris Watanabe, a former executive of The Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority (REMSA), ...

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Ted Williams | Jun 19, 2019

6 Automation Benefits for Healthcare Billing Offices

It Starts with a Problem (3 min read) Efficiency often evolves from problems. There are examples of problems transformed into ...

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Ted Williams | Jun 4, 2019

How to Combat Increased Coding Denials—A Three-Step Program

(2 min read) Tyler Williams of AR Boost (formerly PayorLogic) sat down with HFMA to shed light on the ...

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