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Grow Self-Pay Revenue with Automated Healthcare Billing Solutions

Get accurate, actionable self-pay-related data to your billers in real time and uncover lost revenue. With our automated data gathering process, you can consolidate multiple data streams into a filtered, integrated feed. The result? More revenue, fewer write-offs, less returned mail, more streamlined processes and lower costs.


How to Mitigate Your ED Reimbursement Risk

with these 6 essential steps

ZOLL AR Boost helps you find missing revenue.

Find Missing Revenue

The amount of self-pay, high-deductible patients you treat has never been higher. Are you sure you're collecting all the revenue you're entitled to? Chances are unless you’re currently utilizing pre-billing services, the answer is no. On average, ZOLL AR BoostTM users realize 12% more revenue.

High-quality patient data from integrated technology like AR Boost.

Increase Your Claim Accuracy

Are you using multiple, non-integrated systems to find patient data? Not only is this inefficient, but it increases the risk of inaccurate data entry. ZOLL AR Boost gives your billers filtered, prioritized self-pay data, so claims are more accurate than ever before. Rejections and denials are reduced, claims are paid faster, and the need for re-work is minimized.


Amplify Your Efficiency

Data gathering can be highly manual and thus time-consuming. It's difficult to manage and digest huge amounts of data, or dig it out of multiple data streams. Now, you can integrate multiple data sources into a single, automated feed and that delivers the data needed for fast, accurate self-pay bill processing and maximum reimbursement.

Powerful Features


Insurance Discovery


Demographic Verifier


Insurance Verifier


Self-Pay Analyzer

Do you work for a physician billing group,
healthcare billing service
or RCM software vendor? 

If the answer is yes...

ZOLL AR Boost could be a gamechanger
for the way you do business. 

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Now we find insurance 10 times faster, send 28% fewer claims to collections and are able to verify insurance information entered with one click.

Billing Manager at Bi-County Ambulance
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