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Tyler Williams

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Tyler Williams | Aug 15, 2019

Surviving the Squeeze: Emergency Medicine Billing Under Federal Scrutiny

(4 min read) Did you know that nearly half of all emergency care is uncompensated? Are you aware that one in five patients treated in the ...

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Tyler Williams | Apr 2, 2019

How to Overcome Hurdles in Emergency Room Billing

Managing Self-Pay Revenue (3 min read) I contributed an article on managing self-pay revenue in emergency medicine to ...

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Tyler Williams | Mar 5, 2019

Returned Mail: 5 Demographic Discrepancies

(2 min read) What’s more frustrating than coming into work to find a pile of returned mail sitting on your desk? Maybe you’ve personally ...

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Tyler Williams | Jan 1, 2019

4 reasons your self-pay receivables under-perform. And what to do about it!

(2 min read) Faced with an explosion in self-pay receivables, the only way for healthcare ...

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