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Kelli Turner | November 13, 2019

Managing EMS Compliance Challenges and the Rise of Lyft in Healthcare

(2 min read) When it comes to regulatory compliance, EMS providers have a fair share of initiatives to manage. Routine compliance training is essential to keep staff members informed about their role in ensuring various requirements are met. Failure to include the entire EMS team in training initiatives can result in compliance gaps that leave the agency vulnerable.

In the article “Ambulance Compliance Challenges and the Emergence of Lyft in Healthcare,” recently featured in the Health Care Compliance Association’s Compliance Today magazine, Renee Collier, Manager of Customer Onboarding for ZOLL Data, addresses the negative impact of siloed corporate compliance training programs.


Collier offers recommendations on steps EMS agencies can take to bridge gaps in training and cultivate a more comprehensive compliance strategy. She also sheds light on some of the most common ambulance compliance challenges, including:

  • Proof of medical necessity
  • Physician certification statement sign-off
  • Identification of the closest appropriate facility

Collier goes on to touch on emerging reimbursement models that EMS agencies and providers should be aware of that could redefine what constitutes emergency medical transportation. Collier believes it will be equally important for providers to lend careful consideration to compliance issues in the world of non-emergency medical transportation as companies like Lyft, Uber, and Ford’s GoRide continue to gain ground in healthcare.

HCCA members can learn more by reading the full article here (log-in required).

Not an HCCA member? Download a PDF copy of the full article here.  

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More About the Author:

Kelli Turner

Kelli Turner is the Director of Marketing Communications for ZOLL’s Data Division. She began her public safety career in 2001 as Communication, Public Affairs and Education Manager for the Virginia Department of Fire Programs, before joining ZOLL in 2006. Prior to ZOLL, Kelli served on multiple statewide task forces, was a member of the Joint Information Center Public Affairs team, and received numerous awards for her efforts in public outreach. Currently, Kelli focuses on helping Fire and EMS agencies utilize their data to make smart business decisions through educational efforts like ZOLL’s annual user conference (SUMMIT), educational webinars, and the ZOLL Blog.