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About ZOLL AR Boost

Making Healthcare Billing Smarter

At ZOLL, we believe that you should get paid for the services you provide. It should be efficient with cleaner patient data, faster reimbursement, and simpler self-pay management; enabling you to derive higher revenue from your AR workflows.

Payor Logic (now ZOLL AR BoostTM) was formed in 2008 to bridge a growing receivables management gap within the healthcare industry. After searching for accurate, streamlined AR solutions and only finding disparate products that lacked integration and a single access point, founders Ted and Tyler Williams were convinced of the need for something better. Together they developed a suite of innovative technology and service solutions to ensure cleaner patient data, faster reimbursement and simpler self-pay management.


Payor Logic has always been recognized for our ability to increase reimbursements for healthcare providers, most of whom can’t afford to leave any revenue on the table. Our innovative solutions are truly unique, and we are pleased to join ZOLL and leverage their reach and strategic vision to deliver these benefits to a wider segment of the market.

Ted Williams |  VP, Marketing & Sales, Payor Logic

ZOLL Acquires Payor Logic

With its acquisition of Payor Logic in 2018, ZOLL brought a new level of AR efficiency to hundreds of organizations across the healthcare spectrum, offering better financial performance, freeing up capital to reinvest in their operations and ultimately providing better patient care.

ZOLL AR Boost is utilized across the healthcare industry by EMS, emergency billing services, DME providers, hospitals, and laboratories. Prior to the acquisition, ZOLL had partnered with Payor Logic since 2015, delivering these billing-efficiency services to customers as part of the Billing Pro solution.


In today’s environment, healthcare organizations must consider the bottom line across their operations. We've always delivered better efficiencies to our customers, but now with the ZOLL AR Boost technology, our customers will see unprecedented improvement on their bottom line. Some customers have increased total payments by over 110 percent, and improved claim processing throughput by 88 percent.

Alex Moghadam | President, ZOLL Data Systems

Introducing ZOLL AR Boost Leadership Team


Ted Williams
VP of Marketing & Sales

Ted joined ZOLL in 2018 when Payor Logic was acquired. As one of the founding partners of Payor Logic (now ZOLL AR Boost) Ted has worn multiple hats in the organization, helping to build and grow the business from the ground up. With a strong emphasis in the ambulance markets, he has given specific oversight to key relationships with software partners, paving the way for the integrated environments that exist today. Ted earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, where he resides with his wife and 3 children. 


Tyler Williams

Tyler also formally joined ZOLL in 2018 when Payor Logic was acquired. Having founded Payor Logic alongside his brother Ted, he is excited to join the ZOLL family and continue in his role as President of AR Boost. His background is in collections, working with a variety of medical practices and ambulance companies, where customers were always asking for ways to improve on their collections. They consistently had an issue with being able to find their patients again after they transported them. Tyler then ran a billing company for an emergency physician billing group for three years, and through that discovered the need to automate certain processes. He turned these automated processes into software, which was the birth of Payor Logic in 2003. Tyler and Cassey, his wife of 19 years, have 3 kids, 2 cats, 2 dogs, 2 birds, 5 lizards. 


Jennifer Carlson
Director of Product Management

Jennifer joined ZOLL in 2017 with 20 years of Healthcare IT and Revenue Cycle experience. As the Director of Product Management, she is responsible for all of ZOLL Data Management’s revenue cycle and billing solutions. Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Washington University in St. Louis. Jennifer is an avid tennis player, hiker and skier, and is a PSIA Certified Ski Instructor. In her spare time, Jennifer keeps busy with her husband and 2 teenage boys and their Golden Retriever, Fozzie, enjoying the beautiful Colorado outdoors.


Ray de la Pena
Director of Sales, RCM Optimization

Ray has been with ZOLL since 2000 working in various sales and management capacities in the EMS, Hospital, and LifeVest Divisions. He has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Kansas and an MBA in Finance from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Ray’s hobbies include spending time with his wife and two boys, following Kansas City and University of Kansas sports, playing golf, and enjoying any time spent outdoors.

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