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How It Works

Discover insurance and demographics, simplify your workflow, and increase revenue from your self-pay patients. Better for your bottomline, better for your patient’s experience.


Actionable Self-Pay Data

ZOLL AR BoostTM increases revenue from your self-pay patient population by delivering accurate, actionable self-pay-related data to your billers in real time to uncover and drive self-pay conversions. ZOLL AR Boost automates the data gathering process and consolidates multiple data streams—including demographics, insurance discovery, eligibility, FPL/charitable qualifications, deductible management, and propensity-to-pay—into a filtered, integrated feed.

Typical Billing Scenario


What You Don't Know Can Cost You

Typically, you have to verify insurance by phone which means you spend quite a bit of time on hold. And far too often you don't find out that you have incorrect patient information until your claim gets denied or an invoice gets returned. Or you bill a patient for the full balance when they had eligible insurance coverage all along which can be a poor patient experience. And you end up sending more bills over to collections every year but rarely see an increase in your AR. These are all typical issues that most medical billers face that cause delayed or even lost revenue. 

With ZOLL AR Boost


Get Paid More, Get Paid Faster

AR Boost makes it easy to uncover missing patient information that cause denials. It eliminates the manual process of finding insurance and correct demographic information by querying multiple databases at once with the click of button. That means no more wasted time on the phone.  Think of it like spell-check for claims. It ensures you find the right patient info during the pre-billing process so you don't have denials. Other features allow you to know a patient's propensity to pay so you can know which bills to keep in-house and which to send to collections. Improving your claims up front means more money coming back.

Hear From Our Customers

Front-end demographic corrections help ensure that all of our back-end processes run smoothly. With AR Boost (formerly Payor Logic), returned mail volume was cut by 10 percent—more than 18,000 pieces—over a 12-month period.

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