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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Solution Features

Unlock the power of fully integrated, automated revenue optimization services.


Immediate Benefits

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Less returned mail
because of incorrect demographic

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More revenue on average
for our customers


Increase in pre-billing efficiency
within integrated environments


Insurance Discovery

Find active insurance coverage

With higher deductibles than ever before and therefore larger patient co-pays, clearing self-pay patients is more challenging and labor intensive then in the past. Most important, earned revenue walks out the door every day when patients leave the office without paying.

Our Insurance Discovery service combines innovative technology with human intelligence to explore every coverage option and payor source for patients presenting as self-pay. Using the latest mapping logic for more than 2,000 payors, clearinghouse databases and direct connections infrastructure, we find more active coverage for you.

Our customers report remarkable results:

  • Identify active coverage for more than 10 percent of self-pay accounts
  • Maximize revenue by tapping other payor coverage opportunities
  • Reduce overall self-pay AR
  • One client identified insurance coverage for 16 percent of all patients and more than $800,000 in coverage for patients who originally presented as self-pay

Demographic Verifier

Front-end demographic corrections save you time and money

Faulty patient demographic data is the primary reason for denied claims and failed insurance eligibility. Using our innovative technology, you can easily obtain complete and accurate patient information instantly, for every patient and every claim – every time. 

ZOLL AR Boost’s up-front, expansive patient data improves statement delivery, reduces the cost of claims and accelerates payments. The result is a stronger bottom line for your business. 

  • Up to 60 percent less returned mail
  • Fewer claims rejections and payment delays
  • Minimized HIPAA and breach risk

Insurance Verifier

Improve your claim management

Claim rejections and payment delays are tedious, time-consuming and inefficient. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether in real time or batch processing, your ability to access details regarding coverage by service type, co-pay, deductibles and benefits empowers better reimbursement.

Insurance Verifier combines technology innovations with receivables expertise to rapidly and accurately triage your patients’ insurance coverage. We solve your insurance verification and eligibility issues for every patient, every payor — every time.

  • Higher clean claim rates
  • Up-front coverage determinations
  • Real-time capture of benefits and eligibility
  • Fewer claims rejections and payment delays

Self-Pay Analyzer

Get more revenue out of your self-pay patients

Patient responsibility is at an all-time high. On top of this, patients today expect personalized healthcare and an overall positive experience.

Self-Pay Analyzer determines which patients are most likely to pay and pinpoints those who qualify for a hardship discount or Medicaid. Maximize internal collections and prevent low-hanging fruit from being outsourced to collections vendors by giving your AR the ZOLL boost. 

  • Improve cost-to-collect ratios
  • Get data to enable time-of-care payments
  • Reduce agency contingency fees
  • Identify propensity to pay, hardship and probable Medicaid (retro eligibility)
  • Experience higher rates of self-pay conversion
  • Higher patient satisfaction

Hear From Our Customers

Our agency was able to greatly reduce our billing lag and stay focused on what matters, like workflows, without being hindered by hunting down patient's insurance.

Billing Administrator at Thorne Ambulance