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Case Study

Cleveland County EMS

Shelby, NC

Proven Results


70% reduction in use of paper forms for insurance verification


20% increase in billable insurance coverage


15% growth in revenue capture

Automated insurance discovery and patient data verification streamline AR workflow and increase revenue 15% for county EMS provider

Cleveland County Emergency Medical Services is a government agency located 50 miles southwest of Charlotte in Cleveland County, North Carolina. The EMS provider offers around-the-clock paramedic services to approximately 98,000 residents located within the county’s 469 square mile service area. The organization supports nine stations throughout the county, employs a team of more than 100 full-time and part-time staff members, and fields roughly 13,000 emergency service calls annually.

After bringing billing operations in-house, Cleveland County EMS struggled with a backlog of patients with no known insurance coverage, high volumes of returned mail and lengthy reimbursement turnaround times. Eager to improve overall revenue cycle performance, central collections supervisor Gail Colbert began exploring technologies that could:

  • Bring greater efficiency to AR processes by eliminating manual processes
  • Fill data gaps related to payor source and demographic verification

Overcoming common challenges in EMS billing

Colbert engaged ZOLL AR Boost to address efficiency and backlog challenges. To vet the solution provider’s offerings, Cleveland County EMS initiated a trial run. Colbert sent ZOLL AR Boost a backlog of 1,000 patient accounts for which her team was unable to find any insurance information or billable coverage.

AR Boost identified insurance coverage for over 20% of accounts, considerably boosting revenue capture for Cleveland County EMS and winning Colbert over in the process.





icon-orange-exclamation-triangle Inability to identify insurance coverage for a growing backlog of patients icon-green-check-circle Integrate data validation tools so billers can click a button to verify patient demographic data from within their existing billing system
icon-orange-exclamation-triangle Time-consuming manual processes to capture patient data and identify insurance coverage icon-green-check-circle Automate insurance discovery to:
icon-orange-exclamation-triangle Poor cash flow due to long reimbursement cycles icon-green-check-circle Reduce staff reliance on paper forms and manual processes to identify patient insurance coverage
icon-orange-exclamation-triangle High volumes of returned mail due to missing or incorrect patient data icon-green-check-circle Boost revenue through the identification of new payor sources

Paper and telephone tag reduced: Real-time AR insight expedites revenue

Cleveland County EMS significantly reduced reliance on paper forms and phone calls to get insurance information from patients and care providers. By replacing manual processes—that typically take a minimum of 7 to 10 business days for turnaround—with real-time insurance discovery tools, Cleveland County EMS is able to receive payer payments earlier.

Colbert credits AR Boost for the revenue gains Cleveland County EMS has achieved. “AR Boost produced a tremendous bump in revenue that we simply couldn’t find before,” says Colbert. “We did $3.1 million last year and we’re over $3.5 million in revenue so far this year, and that doesn’t even reflect a full fiscal year. We are continuing to find and get revenue in faster.”

Patient data verification tools also contribute to quicker turnaround by improving claims accuracy, reducing denials and cutting down on returned mail.

Workflow reinvented: Integrated AR tools improve staff efficiency and confidence

Integration of AR Boost’s patient data verification and insurance discovery tools into Cleveland County EMS’s existing billing platform made employee adoption seamless.

“The tools are easy to use and employees feel they are better equipped to do their jobs,” says Colbert. “With AR Boost, our employees can find so much information with a single keystroke. Even during calls on the front end, our coders can confirm patient information very easily and quickly. This has produced tremendous time savings.”

AR Boost resources have bolstered the Cleveland County EMS billing team’s confidence. Knowing they are sending claims to the right payers provides assurance of getting paid. According to Colbert, “Because we’ve done so well, the stress of making budget—a key goal for our Commissioners—has been lifted.”




  • 20% increase in billable insurance coverage
  • 15% growth in revenue capture
  • 70% reduction in use of paper forms for insurance verification
  • Two-week reduction in insurance discovery and verification time
  • Reduced return mail volume and postage expenses


About ZOLL AR Boost

As a pioneering innovator in accounts receivable solutions and insurance discovery technologies, ZOLL AR Boost enables healthcare organizations—from health systems, to EMS providers and billing companies—to ensure cleaner patient data, faster reimbursement and simpler self-pay management.

To learn more about AR Boost’s offerings and how they can improve your billing performance, visit www.boostyourar.com, or call us at (800) 474-4489.


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