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Case Study

Empress EMS

Yonkers, NY

Proven Results


Saved 500 hours per year
searching for payor source 

donut graph-50

Returned mail
reduced by 50%

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10% fewer bills sent to collections
or written off to bad debt

Trims Time for Receivables, Cuts Returned Mail, and Shaves $50k
in Costs

Established in 1985, Empress EMS serves the ambulance needs of Yonkers, New York

Its 55 ambulances are used to transport more than 80,000 residents annually, providing 911 emergency medical response to Yonkers and mutual aid response in neighboring communities. Empress EMS is also responsible for non-emergency response contracts with several hospitals, correctional institutions and numerous private care facilities.

Empress EMS’s nearly 300 employees make patient care their highest priority. The company invests in state-of-the-art equipment and services in order to provide the upmost level of customer service and quality care—every transport, every time.






Incorrect insurance information, contact details and demographics


Verify demographic information prior to sending statements


High rate of returned mail—40 to 50 pieces per week


Check self-pay for insurance coverage


Labor-intensive manual searches for insurance coverage


Provide propensity-to-pay

Getting Out in Front Saves Time, Money

Like most ambulance companies, when Empress EMS transports a patient from a 911 call, an attempt is made to get demographic and insurance information after the high level care has been delivered and the transport was complete. However, these attempts are not always successful.

If insurance information is not obtained during the transport, Empress EMS’s pre-bill staff contacts the hospital. If neither patient nor hospital provides the necessary information, that’s when AR Boost is leveraged to improve billing outcomes.

Jahaira Gomez, assistant director of billing and collections for EMS, has been with the company for 16 years. She describes how placing AR Boost at the front end of billing workflow has improved both billing and collections.

“We use AR Boost to verify demographics, identify insurance coverage and provide propensity-to-pay scores for self-pay transports as quickly as possible within the billing cycle,” states Gomez.

“With AR Boost, checking demographic and insurance information up front is an automated process. This frees up valuable staff time so employees can focus on other tasks,” she adds.

As a result, Empress EMS expects to save more than 500 hours of follow-up time with hospitals over the course of a year


Returned Mail Cut in Half

Before AR Boost, Empress EMS received 40 to 50 pieces of returned mail per week.

“By checking eligibility up front, we’ve seen a significant decrease in returned mail—up to 50 percent less paper for our staff to sort, shuffle and resend,” explains Gomez.

Propensity to Pay Improves Collections

Empress EMS obtains the patient’s credit score when requesting coverage information from AR Boost. Knowing this information helps Empress EMS work with patients to select the best payment option. And, having a good payment score increases the likelihood of negotiating a favorable settlement.


Customer Service and Integration Set
AR Boost Apart

“I had heard about other solutions, but AR Boost was the only one that integrated fully within our current workflows, without additional steps or having to change much of the process,” says Gomez.

She also values the high degree of customization that AR Boost provides. “You don’t always find that with other products—the ability to customize the process to your business needs. Many vendors offer a proprietary solution that either works for you—or doesn’t.”

Finally, Empress EMS places a premium on AR Boost’s customer service and communication. “They are always there and willing to assist us. When we have a question, they get back to us with the right answers, and in a timely fashion,” Gomez concludes.


“With AR Boost, checking demographic and insurance information up front is an automated process. This frees up valuable staff time so employees can focus on other tasks.”

– Jahaira Gomez
Assistant Director of Billing and Collections for EMS
Empress EMS


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